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The Importance of Women's Rights Movement
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The Importance of Women's Rights Movement

BY: Maya Ballesteros | Category:
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Women Issues | Submitted: 2010-06-05 17:32:50
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The Women's Rights Movement has a long history back in time. It started over a century and a half ago and even though its progress might be considered slow, it has lead to the society we are familiar with, a society in which men and women are considered equals. Imagine how life would have been if women were forbidden the right to vote or were forbidden to occupy the same jobs as men. This would have been highly possible, even in nowadays society, if the Women's Rights Movement had never existed. It all started form the fact that back in the 1800s women weren't able to exercise their right to vote. They had nothing to say in what concerned the political life of that time and they were restricted from choosing their own leaders. This was only the starting point and ever since the Women's Rights Movement has evolved a lot and has also tackled other sensitive aspects in a woman's life. It has come to be associated with much more than just the women's right to vote and to express their decisions in what concerns the people that are leading the countries they live in. Women's Rights Movement is about the fact that women are entitled to the same degree of respect that is paid to men and their dignity is something that should not be ignored. Although in the field of women rights a lot of things have changed in time, there is still a lot of work to be done and the Women's Rights Movement continues to be important.

In 1848, in Seneca Falls, New York, took place the first convention on the theme of women's rights. Those were the beginnings of the Women's Rights Movement. Back in 1848 it was signed the Declaration of Sentiments, in which some women and men asked for equal rights. It is wrongly assumed that all men oppose to this movement or consider it inappropriate. The truth is that there are men who support it and who consider that women should have equal rights. Another common misconception is related to the term of "feminism". This has nothing to do with hating the men and trying to denigrated them, as some people try to prove. Feminism and the entire Women's Rights Movement is about changing the people's mentality and eliminating misogynist attitudes and inequality in what concerns women.

The Women's Rights Movement went from asking the right to vote for women to supporting them in problems like birth control, abortion, rape, divorce, discrimination at work or even at school and homophobia. A very controversial issue, that raises a lot of problems in nowadays society is abortion. The controversy on this theme seems to be never ending and this might be due to the fact that this right only belongs to women and men can't find any similar experience to relate to. There is a huge difference in asking for equality when it comes to performing certain jobs and in asking for the women's right to choose what they do with their bodies. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when discussing abortion and the decision of a woman to hold control over her body. This subject will probably remain controversial for a long time and the Women's Rights Movement will continue to be important for women worldwide for decades from now.

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